Sheikh Muhammad Akram Awan was born on 31 December 1934 in the village of Noorpur Sethi. About 4 Km from the from the present head quarter of the order Dar-ul-Irfan. Munarah. He received his initial education in his village school and later entered the college at Chakwal. He spent a turbulent youth characterized by family feuds and external skirmishes. Duly dismayed by the violence and tumult, he set out in search of [peace and truth. His sincere resolve was answered at the age of 24. When he met sheikh Allah Yar Khan. He worked in close association with his shaikh, marked by the unmatched sincerity and devotion for twenty five years. Allar Yar Khan transformed the unbridled youth into a sufi saint of high eminence, infusing deep vision and spiritual blessings into the heart of his promising student. Sheikh Muhammad Akram Awan did not receive formal education at any religious education institution. He acquired basic Islamic Knowledge directly from his shaikh. Blessed with (Ilm-al-ladunni) (Knowledge from the divine presence) He has special insight in tafsir (impetration in Holy Quran). He used to deliver regular lectures on Quranic teaching during the life of his Shaikh and embarked upon writing a tafsir of the Quran entitled Asrar-ul-Tanzeel, soon after his Sheikh’s death. This was in fulfilment of Sheikh Allah Yar Khan desire; for he could not undertake this work himself due to the enormous demand of his mission. Because of this deep spiritual insight, Sheikh Muhammad Akram’s Asrar-at-Tanzeel has received wide acclaim and recognition from wide schools of Islamic thought both in Pakistan and abroad.